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About Me

Who is Chris Goodwin?

Whipper snapper years (conception-92)

I grew up on a 300 acre farm on the outskirts of Modesto, CA (about 1hr south of Sacramento). I loved the outdoors and did my share of hunting, fishing and other sports. With the discovery of my parent’s 1982 VHS camcorder I began making short movies with my friends (nerd dramatizations of Star Wars among others…). A special thank you to my amazingly loving and supportive family who not only watched these movies but often times were the cast.

Who loves School? (92-02)

Ahhh yes, who can forget high school? Here I found my athletic calling with water polo and swimming. I became an accomplished guitarist and drummer playing with a few bands (some didn’t have the best of names, for instance ‘Cup of Junk’… I wont go into detail how that name came about). I entered a talent competition as a janitor who had an extreme passion for river dance and won $50 for my SNL like performance (if photography doesn’t work out…).

I want to be a Toys”R”Us kid (02-Present)

Out of high school I went to Modesto JC where I continued my passion for athletics. I was on the water polo and swim teams becoming team captain for both my sophomore year. At this point I began to get more serious with the media arts and took a few web, music, photography, and video classes. At the school’s film festival I won best comedy short two years in a row. After receiving my Associates Degree I transferred to Cal State Northridge (Los Angeles) where I continued on the swim team, but now playing with the big boys on a division 1 level. I became the team captain my senior year and with my hard work entered into the record books in multiple events. My passion for multimedia ballooned once I grew more knowledgeable and really saw what it had to offer. Then, my most self-righteous accomplishment hit when I graduated with honors (yes this means I got good grades) with a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Production. After school I got out of LA and moved to beautiful San Diego to be closer to my smart, talented, and gorgeous wife Savanah. After a year and change in San Diego I moved back to Modesto, as they say “home is where the heart is”. I enjoy surrounding myself with positive people that not only make me think but also make me LAUGH. Life is about having fun especially with people that know how to. In my free time I have been known to do a little fishing on my kayak, leisure photography, or writing some songs on my guitar and keyboard.

“A good photograph stops a moment from running away”

Work Time

Experience? I’ve got experience

When it comes to work I have had my fair share of fun, interesting, and down and dirty jobs throughout my life including: being the worst Holiday Gift Wrapper at Macys, working at a Fruit Stand, a tough Swim and Water Polo Coach, rotating to every position imaginable at good old McDonalds, a whistle blowing lifeguard where I won top guard at the regional competition, an internship for Samuel Goldwyn (yes, the G in MGM “roar” says the lion), theater captain for a world premiere movie in downtown LA, web designer for the American Film Institute, compiled online slideshows , wore many hats being videographer/ photographer/ web and print designer for various real estate companies, photographer for various events, and now the sky is the limit!

Entrepreneur attitude

I am on a never ending quest to seek out how to develop my body, mind, and soul. I love to learn new technologies and activities including the visual arts, musical arts, physical activities, basically anything that I didn’t know the day before.

“If you could tell the story in words, there would be no need for a camera”

Well, that’s a lot of stuff about me. If you’re interested in knowing more please drop me a line or check out my blog. Thanks for reading about “This Guy”.